Monday, February 4, 2008

Skype calls with Nokia E65

This was the first software I wanted to have on my mobile. Since Skype is busy doing something else, and they are not developing a Symbian based Skype-client I looked over the internet to find a suitable solution. I found this webpage, the fring asked for my's phone type and number, they sent me an SMS with a link to the application. Being at home and on wi-fi I clicked it and downloaded OTA (meaning over-the-air) on my mobile. The software is free of charge.

After I installed it, I found out, that I can use not only Skype, but MSN Messenger, Yahoo, and ICQ - if I remember my ICQ number at all - but Google Talk, AIM, Twitter and some SIP providers are also supported. To use it is very simple: we have to mark what service we are planning to use, we give our user name, password and the program is already on.

As you can see, that some SIP providers are also available, you can choose from the following, or you have to specify an another:

If you logged in, you can not separate an ICQ user from a Skype user or MSN user, but this is not the purpose, you can interact with them - send short messages or just call them by clicking on their name and pressing the green call button on your mobile.

You can terminate the program by using Exit, but if you want to look up a phone number, than you can use the Hide option. The program will be active in the background.

I used Skype to make a long (and a no cost) phone call to my sister from US - she was in Romania. Because data roaming is very expensive first I put my phone in Offline mode, than I had the guts to call her. I don't have SkypeOut, but you can use it on your phone as well. Very cool feature!


Jonnel said...

I just came across this blog because i'm trying to figure out if I can use Skype on my Nokia N73...or if I should buy an E65. Any advice?

I'm a little slow when it comes to technology, but can all these services, including skype, be used free on your cell?

(Note: I'm in Italy, not the U.S., do you think it makes a difference?)

Anti Prorat said...

this is very intersting ... I need to make skype calls from a mobile to a PC.

I am trying this software now and I will see if it works.

desikurian said...

You should not buy e65 because It have slide problems afterwards

Frans said...

Skype has block Fring. See

Lezteer said...

Cool! Nice to know that skype can be used on Nokia E65! I might share this to my friends. Thanks my friend! Genf20 plus

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